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Function description:

1: Revise the DMX512 address,

2: Change the pattern of the lamp,

3: Setting the lamp working as master or slave

4: Can setup the lamps work in the group control or pixcel control,

5: Can read lamps'the information of working model, DMX512 address etc.

6: Can store the data that emit from DMX512 controller into the lamp, and play the data of DMX512 circulatory which storing in the lamp.




RGB LED strip AC110V

RGB SMD3528 192LED/M High Voltage LED strips AC110/127V, Can replace the ordinary RGB DC12V/24V LED strips, no adapters(no amplifier,no power adapter), by 44keys IR RGB Controller(input :600W,R/G /B 3channel,can control 50mters led strip one time,have memory funtions) ,male and female connectors ,Double LEDs,can cuttable every 1 meter,High brightness,High Lumen, 50000hrs long life span , low consumption , energy saving , Excellent thermal performance


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